Closed cell foam rubber sheeting

Custom Cut foam for new and replacement Boat cushions, beds , and seats. Availiable in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknessess, soft , firm , closed cell, open cell, and drainage drip dry foam products

Product Specifications – EPDM – BLACK CLOSED CELL SPONGE RubberMill Part No. RCC13S3B RCC13M3B RCC13F3B Density 4.5-7 pcf 9-14 pcf 16-25 pcf Compression Deflection (@25% Deflection) 2-5 psi 5-9 psi 9-13 psi Water Absorption (By Weight) 5% 5% 5% Temperature Range -90° F to 275° F -90° F to 275° F up to 300° […]

Expanded Neoprene Rubber Strip. This black, expanded closed cell Neoprene rubber strip (sponge or foam) has an operational working temperature between -40°C and +70°, has excellent resistance to air and UV light and a good resistance to acids. View & Buy Online Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam is an extremely fine-celled foam, ideal for projects and applications that require thicker foam. With a smooth, pleasant feel combined with superior physical and chemical properties, cross-linked polyethylene foam is the solution for an array of applications that demand thicker sections of closed cell foam. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) closed cell sponge rubber material exhibits very good aging properties, compressibility, and shows an excellent resistance to ozone and oxidation, which explains its use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We also have the capabilities to laminate the foam material with adhesive and other materials to create a more dynamic part. Marian sources a large variety of closed-cell and open-cell foam and sponge materials. Stocking many of these materials allows us to provide samples and prototypes rapidly, often beating our competitors. BELLOFOAM Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Sheets from Bellofram Silicones are the lightest high-consistency closed cell silicone rubber sheeting material on the market. It contains truly closed cells, as determined by the stringent ASTM-D-1056 water absorption under vacuum method, eliminating wicking. Acoustical Foam Packaging Foam Open-Cell Foam Closed-Cell Foam Polyethylene Foam Polyethylene Roll Cross Linked Polyethylene Polystyrene Foam Neoprene Rubber Gym Rubber Polypropylene Foam Volara Minicel-L XLPE Minicel-T EVA YoungBoard Conductive XLPE Foam Accessories Capabilities Company Free Shipping

Polyethylene closed cell sponge sheet. Economical non-toxic foam with very good resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. Closed Cell Rubber, Neoprene Data Sheets With the recent closing of the Rubatex manufacturing facility, Stockwell Elastomerics can offer alternatives manufactured to ASTM D-1056 specifications when Rubatex stock is depleted. Alternate materials shown below. Contact us for other options on discontinued materials. Made with recycled granulated rubber tires and high density frothed polyurethane foam using rapidly renewable resources (soybean polyols and vegetable oils) Suitable for ALL glue down, nail down, and floating Laminate, Engineered Wood and Hardwood flooring installations GO GREEN! and also generate the building standard LEED credits.